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Identify and address diversity, fairness and inclusion gaps

Our goal is to support a diverse and inclusive culture by acknowledging the unique experiences and perspectives each individual brings to the table. Identify and address gaps within your organization, so you can make progress toward your goals relating to diversity and inclusion.

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How do your people feel about returning to the workplace?

PwC’s web-based Return to Workplace Readiness Assessment helps collect and analyze employees’ sentiment related to returning to the workplace. Using natural language processing and advanced analytics, PwC provides a return to workplace roadmap assisting organizations in their planning efforts.

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The future of your business starts with your people. Get to know them. 

Discover the untapped power of your people data with our expertise, capabilities and latest technologies and algorithms.

See ahead. 

You need to keep pace with today’s dynamics. But you also need to plan for the future. PwC deploys surveying, a breadth of analytical tools and predictive modeling that reveal real-time workforce insights to help learn from yesterday and to see ahead. 

Move now. 

Your people data doesn’t belong in a spreadsheet. It belongs at the heart of every smarter, quicker action you take. From benchmarking and predictive analytics to workforce planning and skills assessments - bring your people data into focus - contextualize it into clear action so you can move now. 


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Learn how PwC embraced people analytics and how it can help your business.

Employee Pulse Surveys


Get to know what’s happening with your people, right nowTrack and help drive action on the topics of greatest interest to your organization - be it once a day, once a quarter, or whenever the critical need arises. 

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Saratoga Benchmarking


Get to know how you compareKnow how your workforce productivity, succession, recruiting costs, hire quality, labor costs, turnover, diversity, HR costs, and org structures compare to 2,000 clients globally.

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Employee Preference/Conjoint


From preference to personalization to improvementGenerate employee directed, dollar-quantified insights to help you evaluate current reward program effectiveness and future design needs.

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Employee Engagement


Get to know the engagement of your workforceDrive a strong work experience and build a culture that aligns with what employees are motivated by and give managers the insight to take action and address problems as things change.

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Talent Architecture  


Get to know all about your skills and competenciesSet a foundation for talent management and determine whether your operating model and company structure are efficiently aligned to jobs and competencies to manage costs and position you for growth.

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Digitally Upskilling the HR Function


Get to know the potential of a digitally upskilled HR teamLearn to use automation tools to help reduce time spent on manual, repeatable tasks so HR employees can use that time to drive more workforce insights for your organization’s business leaders. 

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Employee Survey Suite


Get to know workforce needs, in a new lightGather the right information, at the right time and anticipate rather than react to each step of the employee journey through an array of surveys including onboarding, exit, 360-degree feedback and more.

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Advanced Analytics


From patterns to preparedness.
Hiring smarter, anticipating employee turnover or paying your people fairly, we use advanced statistical techniques to find the hidden patterns. 

Organizational Network Analysis


From enabling to enhancing. 
Uncover informal networks and potentially unseen relationships in your organization, allowing leaders to help build and leverage ‘connectivity’ for increased performance, productivity, learning and innovation.

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Virtual Focus Groups & Interactive Meetings


From insights to understanding to actionEnhance your employee listening strategy. Drive a real-time dialogue with teams and create an engaging virtual experience for employees and improve efficiency in which ideas, perceptions and preferences are captured at scale.

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Accelerated Workforce Modeler


From modelling to planning to protectingA technology-enabled service for workforce planning. Use data-driven analysis to model your workforce scenarios, manage workforce costs and understand the financial impact before making decisions. Collaborate together and track progress enterprise-wide.

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HR Sentinel


Get to know AI for HRDeliver automated organizational insights to HR leaders with customizable dashboards, predictive Artificial Intelligence, and tailored data visualizations. 



Get to know where your people areStay connected to your workforce with a near real-time view of their productivity and help mitigate risk exposure via Status Connect and Automatic Contact Tracing.

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Employee Flight Risk


From risk to retention
Understand your talent practices, identify individuals at risk of turning over and deliver increased retention of leading talent using real-time monitoring of workforce metrics.

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Fair Pay


Get to know your state of pay.
The workforce of the future will demand fair pay. Allow leaders to identify and address inequities in pay structure to help achieve fairness for all employees.

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