Financial Focus

Welcome to our 2017 edition of the Financial Focus publication. 

The Financial focus is about Kenya's financial services industry and the leading issues and changes affecting the industry. This edition features articles from PwC Kenya, our regional Advisory business, PwC Uganda and PwC Rwanda specialists on a wide range of disciplines who share their views on:

  • Sustainable bank's performance under the Banking (Amendment) Act 2016
  • A better way to inspire more trust in banks and auditors 
  • Restoring confidence in the banking sector
  • Diversifying and transforming Rwanda's financial services sector
  • The code of corporate governance practices for issuers of securities to the public
  • Why companies should live by corporate governance principles
  • How Fintech is shaping up the FS industry
  • A fresh outlook on the state of cybersecurity
  • Business transformation in a dynamic environment
  • Learning points for the Kenya Tax Amnesty to be successful
  • Creating awareness and improving the prevention of cybercrime
  • Next generation banking
  • Islamic Finance: an opportunity for growth in Kenya?
  • Growth prospects for Kenya's insurance industry
  • Integrated reporting drives sustainable value creation
  • Start preparing for IFRS 17 in East Africa- now
  • The changing nature of people management
  • Marine insurance: Is Kenya’s insurance industry ready?
  • Evolution of Excise Duty in the financial services sector
  • Has withholding VAT has outlived its' useful existence?
  • Effects of the Insolvency Act 2015 on the interests of Secured Creditors
  • Fintech reshaping asset management
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