Tax Academy

The Tax Academy is to conduct monthly knowledge and experience sharing forums on tax matters, designed to provide a platform for continuous learning and exchange of ideas on practical tax issues. The forums will be half day sessions that will last for four hours.

Attendance at this programme will provide a rare opportunity for participants to discuss practical issues in the workplace regarding application of tax legislation on various subjects, ensure effective compliance and identify tax planning opportunities. Participants will also be exposed to contemporary tax issues, new tax laws, fiscal policies, tax reforms and administrative changes both locally and in the global business space.

Topics to be covered will include:

  • The new VAT law- Practical issues and implications to business.
  • Managing tax audits and investigations
  • Tax compliance in Rwanda: Getting it right at minimum cost
  • Tax accounting and reporting under IFRS
  • Deferred taxation
  • Transfer Pricing: Principle, practice and the new guidelines issued by RRA
  • Reorganisation, structuring and tax strategies
  • Avoiding pitfalls in contract structuring
  • Tax consideration of cross border trades and investments
  • Strategic tax issues such as tax function effectiveness, tax management framework and total tax contribution.
  • The new tax mining regime and what it means to businesses in Rwanda
  • Expatriate taxation- Employee Vs Independent consultant
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