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Powerful complements: The value of ERM and internal control together

Internal control is an important part of enterprise risk management. The two are interconnected, but not interchangeable. Indeed, when used together, they’re powerful complements in supporting management.

Culture: Linking Strategy with People

Why is creating a strong culture is a prerequisite to sustainable, integrated and value-added enterprise risk management?

Getting Real with Risk and Performance

Talking about risk in terms of its effect on the likelihood of staying within a range of acceptable variations in performance makes risk concrete to decision-makers, and makes ERM useful.

Risk Through the Eyes of Strategy

How the COSO ERM Framework looks at the relationship between risk and strategy from three perspectives.

Gamechangers: Four reasons why an updated COSO ERM Framework is good for your business

What are the most significant changes to the new COSO ERM Framework and what will they mean for your business?

Redefining risk in a changing world: Perspectives from PwC's 19th Annual Global CEO Survey

According to our 19th Annual Global CEO Survey, some CEOs find that rising threats lift their prospects.

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The top changes to the COSO ERM Framework you need to know now

The new COSO Enterprise Risk Management Framework is changing the conversation we have about risk

How to build trust in a digital age

The writing on the wall has never been clearer: There is a real crisis of public trust in business, institutions, government and non-governmental organisations.

Diversity vs. familiarity. Where is your leadership team on this spectrum?

In this blog, we discuss why diversity should be a strategic priority for CEOs and a part of their business DNA.

From Global Power Shift to Power Dispersion

As power disperses across emerging economies and sectors, what does growth look like in this new multipolar global economic order?

For CEOs, cybersecurity is both rising concern and significant opportunity

This year’s CEO survey found the speed of technological change was the fastest rising concern for global CEOs highlighting worries over digital risk and technological readiness.

ERM and Internal Control: Two peas in a pod

Many ERM processes are made more effective by control activities.

Move beyond heat maps: A new way to evaluate risk

What is a risk curve and how can you use it to better link risk with performance?

Does GDP even matter? Capturing Profit in Emerging Markets

In an age of driverless cars and big data analytics, some leading economists question whether GDP is an appropriate measure of productivity, output, and income. When it comes to capturing profit in emerging markets (EMs), we may fixate too much on GDP data. Our view is that it is the abundant demographics underpin growth across sectors and global markets, from Brazil to the Philippines.

Local regulations don't have to impede growth

As growth slows in older, established markets entertainment and media (E&M) companies are looking toward emerging markets for more robust revenue trajectories.

Turning compliance burden into competitive advantage: Energy companies and the Dodd-Frank Act

As proverbial bombshells go, the Dodd-Frank Act, which was first proposed to Congress in the summer of 2009, was a big one. The wide-ranging response to the 2008 financial crisis included the most significant changes to US financial regulation in close to a century. Fast forward eight years, how has the energy industry used regulation to its advantage?

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Sharpening strategic risk management

Managing risk factors impacts strategic objectives and with the right enterprise risk management techniques, your business gains a competitive advantage.

Building a risk-resilient organisation

In the current (and likely foreseeable) environment of rapidly shifting and often disruptive trends, enterprise resilience entails not only preparing for risk, but capitalizing on the opportunity that often accompanies it.

Social listening: How market sensing trumps market research

Customers don’t always tell you what they really think. And they might not even know what they need from you. But they are sure to voice their opinions on social media. In a competitive landscape that’s increasingly being shaped by social media, you ignore valuable consumer data at your peril.

The emerging capability every business needs

We believe that only a few companies are truly ready. They’ve built their readiness through the emerging capability of resilience, with six distinctive traits that combine to define their ability to survive and evolve in the face of change.

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PwC to Update COSO Enterprise Risk Management-Integrated Framework

COSO has elected PwC to lead the process of reviewing and updating its Enterprise Risk Management Framework.

Who wants food regulations when growth is on the menu?

In early September, the US Food and Drug Administration finalised new rules that for the first time will require US food manufacturers to develop and implement detailed plans to prevent foodborne illness.

Ask not what to do with all the cash, but what the cash can do for your company… in a risky environment

We’ve got all this cash; how do we invest it to optimise investment performance?” I get asked this question a lot lately from corporate treasurers. The question usually begets a conversation about investment objectives, investment strategy and guidelines or whether to use external advisors.

Using risk, compliance and regulatory data to strengthen organisational resilience

As a result of risk, regulatory and compliance activities, financial institutions possess much of the data they need to strengthen their long-term organisational resilience.