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The female millennial: A new era of talent

Female millennials make up a significant part of the talent pool. They are more highly educated than their previous generation and they consider opportunities for career progression an attractive employer trait.

Managing cyber risks in an interconnected world

Constant technological advances give rise to more security breaches, which impact financials. Survey respondents in 2014 report that the number of detected incidents soared to a total of 42.8 million, a 48% leap over 2013. This increase comes at great cost: Total financial losses attributed to security compromises increased 34% over 2013.

2015 State of the Internal Audit Profession – Finding true north in a period of rapid transformation

PwC’s State of the Internal Audit Profession Study, now on its 11th year, suggests that drivers of change are influencing how internal audit should evolve to maintain its relevance. The report also discusses the concept of True North, a set of ideals used to guide an organization from its current state to where it wants to be.

FS viewpoint – Threat smart: Building a cyber resilient financial institution – an East cluster perspective

Traditional approach for cyber risks is no longer sufficient. As technology becomes more sophisticated, information security threats also evolve.

ETF 2020: Preparing for a new horizon

The ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) market is growing far beyond their initial function of tracking large liquid indices in developed markets. ETFs now hold over $2.6 trillion of assets globally.

PH to emerge as 20th largest economy in the world by 2050

Currently the 28th largest economy, the Philippines can become the 20th largest economy by 2050 in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP) as rising costs cause off-shore jobs to move to cheaper countries.

PwC's Growth Markets Centre - Presence to profitability

PwC’s Growth Markets Centre report, ‘Presence to profitability’, articulates steps to identify and grow profitably with the right partner in growth markets

Shared Services – the Edge Over

Shared services centers (SSCs) are growing in number, with many companies choosing to locate their centers in the Philippines. While multinationals have long used shared services as a strategy for driving cost reduction, local companies are starting to realize the value of SSCs as a means to drive compliance and internal control, while stemming the increase in administrative costs.

4th Global Portfolio and Programme Management Survey

Our 2014 Portfolio and Programme Management Global Survey received input from a record 3,025 people from 110 countries, providing a truly global view.

The talent challenge: Adapting to growth (August 2014)

Despite the positive outlook for jobs, PwC’s research, which surveyed over 1,300 CEOs in 68 countries, reveals that business leaders are more concerned about being able to find the right people to fill these roles.

The 2013 Chief Executive Study: Women CEOs of the last 10 years (May 2014)

Strategy&, a member firm of the PwC network of firms, recently released the 14th annual Chief Executive Study, which examines CEO turnover and incoming and outgoing CEOs at the world’s 2,500 largest public companies.

The countdown begins for FATCA…

Registration as a participating institution for compliance to the United States government’s Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) is important for institutions that plan conduct business with US individuals and/or entities. Find out why.

Next Generation Diversity: Developing tomorrow’s female leaders (March 2014)

Organisations the world over are currently challenged with a lack of women in leadership positions, and fast becoming concerned with the competitive and financial toll this could mean for their organisations. Meanwhile they are also facing the challenges that come with vast numbers of millennial talent entering and reshaping the workforce.

The power of pricing: How to make an impact on the bottom line

In a competitive market, getting the price right could open up opportunities for companies to significantly boost its revenues. In this study, PwC asked over 500 specialists from companies across all industries around the globe on their pricing approach.

Global wage projections to 2030 September 2013 (Think Tank, January 2014)

The shrinking wage gap between emerging economies and developed countries could make the Philippines (along with other countries such as India) an attractive manufacturing location by 2030.

Rebuilding for resilience: Fortifying infrastructure to withstand disaster

This PwC study, in collaboration with the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UNISDR), looks into the long-term opportunity for public-private sector collaboration in building and rebuilding risk-resilient infrastructure.

Riding the waves of change: PwC expertise in Business & Climate Change

Sustainability and climate change have moved to the top of the corporate agenda, gaining traction among employees, shareholders, regulators and consumers alike. Most organisations know it's an area that can no longer be ignored, but many are at different stages of understanding.

Philippine businesses’ response to climate change

In the Climate Change & Sustainability Survey 2011, we delve into what Philippine businesses are doing to take action on the effects of climate change.

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