Burgeoning Bacolod

June 2017

Growth. Business. Verve.

Bacolod received an award as Top Philippine Model City for 2017. While life moves at an easy, balanced pace, work opportunities have seen a steady climb in this city. With a young and active population, the next decade will produce a generation of entrepreneurial upstarts ready to take on the world.

At the heart of Bacolod’s historical growth is sugar. More entrepreneurial initiatives have encouraged the wider use of sugar and its by-products by bakers, patisserie-owners, restauranters, and baking suppliers. What this means is that Bacolod is well-poised to become the sugar products center of the Philippines. Not only is it capable of harvesting the crop, but its locals are ingenious enough to transform raw sugar cane into many iterations of the sweet life: sugar cane juice, high-grade muscovado cubes, molasses, sugar skin and hair products, for instance, come to mind. A by-product not to be discarded too easily, sugar husk has become an alternative fuel source as well.

These products create a burgeoning society that can sustain itself with its own production and enterprise powered by the boom of BPO and allied retail estate and retail businesses.

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