Partner profile: Atty. Lawrence C. Biscocho

Karen Joyce Ang Consulting Associate February 2014

For Lawrence ‘Law’ Biscocho, rising to top management is a sweet victory he appreciates. Lawrence joined the firm then known as Joaquin Cunanan & Co. in 1998 after he passed the Bar exams, strengthening the firm’s roster of CPA-Lawyers (Certified Public Accountant-Lawyer). He found that within the firm lies the same principles he appreciates and values, namely the high regard for ethics, the professionalism and the courtesy of the people, and the proper manner in which the firm conducts its business. Citing the absence of any questionable dealings, he takes pride in the integrity of the firm and in its untarnished image.

His stay in the firm has been fruitful because he was able to practice both his professions as an accountant and a lawyer. In fact, he won his first real case by pulling his client out of an 850 million peso tax assessment case. This, along with his entire initial run with the firm, made him affirm his litigation skills.

Law briefly left the firm in 2009. Being away for one and a half years, he realized what was missing; a more focused and determined Law rejoined the firm as a director in 2010. He was admitted to the Partnership two years later.

On being a leader

Law lives by the problem-free philosophy, “Hakuna Matata.” “Life is too short; do not make it difficult,” he says. He sees to it that the atmosphere around him is always light and happy, especially at work. . But his relaxed aura in the office does not encourage his staff to settle for mediocrity as he remains indignant to it. He practices leadership by example and does not consider himself above the rest because of his position. In fact, because of his humility, staff members see him as one of the most approachable bosses in the firm.

Work-life balance

As a family man, Law values prayer and loves to keep things spontaneous. He hears mass every Sunday with his wife and two boys. He loves to travel here and abroad with his family. In his spare time, he plays basketball and table tennis. He is also into skateboarding.

He recently represented the family of a deceased friend in a pro bono case. He hopes that one day he can extend the same services to the less fortunate by representing them in their legal battles.

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