Partner profile: Imelda dela Vega-Magundaya

Karen Joyce Ang Consulting Associate May 2014

Humble beginnings

“I owe everything to my parents.”

Whenever life throws rocks at Imelda dela Vega-Magundaya, she sees these challenges as allies and turns them into her stepping stones to success.

Ime, as she is fondly called, grew up in a family of four. Her parents are diligent workers who valued education and worked hard at providing this to their children despite challenging resources.

As a scholar, Ime took up B.S. in Accountancy at the Central Colleges of the Philippines. Her desire to support her family inspired her to finish her studies, pass the CPA board exams and land a job in PwC. She joined the firm in 1992 as an Audit Associate.

Her journey in PwC

“There’s no place to be than PwC.”

It came as no surprise that Ime’s first and only professional job was for keeps. She continues to find inspiration in her work despite the challenging responsibilities that go with her current position as Financial Services Partner and Assurance Risk Management Partner.

“PwC provides me the opportunity to contribute to the development and growth of my clients and my teams. Seeing your clients take your advice and your people heed your coaching, as they further develop, grow and advance, are certainly great contribution and inspiration to continue to serve them better every day. PwC supports the values of excellence, teamwork and integrity, the same values I share. I have grown to love PwC, my colleagues and teams like my second family. I learn from them every day. These are the reasons why I take pride in being part of the PwC family.”

Ime trained in the CIPS (Consumer and Industrial Products and Services) group during her junior years. Seeing her leadership potential, the firm assigned her to work and train at the PwC offices in San Jose, California, USA and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She was admitted to the partnership in 2007, where she joined her current group, the FS (Financial Services) unit.

“The journey to partnership was not an easy stride. Challenges dotted the way, but with hard work, prayers, and support of family and friends, it was not an impossible journey to embark on. Challenges are our best allies. It always makes us better and stronger individuals.”

Being in top management, Ime continues to improve herself so she can be a more affective advisor to her clients and people. On being a partner, Ime shares that “As leaders, we need to continue to be inspired so we can continue to inspire others”.

On being a wife and a mom

“My family is my greatest blessing”

As a wife and mom, Ime sees to it that her weekends are dedicated to the family. Ime and husband Alex would go for a movie or lunch date, or simply take it easy at home, with daughter Trisha Alyanna. The couple also trains on Muay Thai at the gym together. They love to travel here and abroad. They also go to the beach every summer.
“My family will always be my source of strength and inspiration. They are my greatest gift and blessing from God.”

Giving back

Ime values education and believes that children should be provided this opportunity so they can have a better future.

Other than supporting the firm’s CSR initiatives, Ime sends a number of young children to school through the World Vision, a humanitarian organisation dedicated to alleviating poverty and enriching people’s lives.

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