Partner profile: Aldie P. Garcia

November 2013

Aldie is a very busy person indeed. This newly-admitted partner balances his hectic work schedule with family life (dining out with his wife, Louise, and playing with his three year old son, Aaron Luke) and pursuing his passion for travel.

On choosing PwC

“Among the top firms in Manila, it was only PwC that did not give me any job offer.”

Fate played a hand when Aldie decided to cross Ayala Avenue and submit his resume to the firm then known as Joaquin Cunanan & Co. He was interviewed and given an offer the same day. “When I was interviewed here, the interviewer did not talk about anything technical. Instead, he focused on giving me examples of the activities that they do as part of the firm’s initiatives. I liked it a lot. This is a service firm and your basic asset is your people. Your biggest challenge would be your people and therefore the biggest requirement should be people management and he emphasized that during the interview. Right then and there, I said, “This is the firm that I like to join.”

Career milestones

Aldie was seconded for two years in the Gatwick office of PwC UK in 2007. He appreciated the strength of the PwC network as he experienced working with people from different nationalities and diverse cultures.

In 2012, he was among a selected few to participate in the PwC Genesis Park Program, where he joined 43 directors from 21 countries and 24 cities around the world convened at the Boston campus to hone their leadership skills.

Promising future

“In our quest to be better, let’s not forget how to be good.”

Aldie hopes that the firm will one day be recognized as the premier accounting and auditing firm in the Philippines. He relates, “I believe that we are the best but we are not getting the recognition that we deserve. Once we get that recognition, nobody can match the working culture that we have here. Our focus in delivering high quality services to our clients and dedication to our clients and our people, nobody can match that. I am hoping that one day we will be recognized as the top accounting and auditing firm in the country. We should be because we are.”

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Aldie P. Garcia
Assurance Partner
Tel: +63 (2) 459 3078

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