Alumni profile: Maria Lourdes 'Gigi' Arroyo

January 2015

Maria Lourdes “Gigi” Arroyo’s strong personality and perseverance brought her to the top. She has successfully established a career in social development, but this achievement was because of what she started in PwC.

After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy from Miriam College, Gigi already knew the firm she would like to be a part of. She was not after whichorganization was on top. She would rather choose a company that will allow her more growth area – and that is PwC. After taking the board exam in 1992, she was hired as a staff auditor in the Audit and Business Advisory group handling various industries. Due to her hard work and dedication, Gigi was soon promoted to first assistant after her regularization. She did not stop with audit. During slack season, she assisted the Consulting group by doing inventory management cycle analysis review for two to three months.

Because of Gigi’s continuous hunger for learning, she left the firm to pursue further studies. She took up her masteral degree at the University of the Philippines School of Labor and Industry Relations.

Gigi had a short stint with a corporate company as a supervisor and in Occupational Safety and Health Center as a Budget Officer.

It has been a good turn of events for Gigi when she joined Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP), a former client. She found her calling for social development.

Gigi currently holds the position of CFO/Group Director for Finance and Administration in PBSP, a non-profit organization that unites like-minded businesses behind a singular aim to make the benefits of business be felt by an increasingly larger constituency through inclusive business practices that encourage new enterprises, greater access to capital, greater synergies leading to self-reliance and transparency. For Gigi, working for social development is an act of love and charity. As much as her time will allow, she joins visits to program sites. The pay may not be as good as in other private companies, but because of her love for the job, it has been her longest working stint in an organization. Currently, she handles a group of over 40 staff.

Gigi is grateful for the experience PwC has given her. “I wouldn’t trade my stint with PwC for anything. I got exposed to almost all types of industries. I did a short stint in Consulting. If you are young and you started your career in an auditing firm, you should take advantage of the opportunity to learn in every client engagement. Take a client like it is a new one every time. How I am, how I’ve grown, how my career has been and how I have been tapped by other companies for consulting, all of these I learned from PwC. You won’t be able to get those kind of trainings elsewhere.”

Despite her tight schedule as a CFO, Gigi jogs every weekend and spends time with her family.

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