Firm joins Integrity and Governance initiatives

Grace Aries, Ethics Director and Pam Gregorio, Human Capital Director attended a workshop on "Developing a Company Integrity Action Plan" on 27 March 2014 jointly conducted by Integrity Initiative and The Good Governance Advocates and Practitioners of the Philippines (GGAPP).   

The firm was invited to be part of a pioneering group to benefit from the workshop which will be offered to all other signatories of the Integrity Initiative who have completed the Integrity Self-Assessment.  Atty. Vincent Edward "Blue" Festin, Executive Director of GGAPP and Atty Archie Matugas, GGAPP member were among the facilitators.

At the pilot-run workshop, participants shared integrity best practices and presented challenges in the journey towards building an ethical culture in the workplace and our country. They gave comments and suggestion to further enhance the effectiveness of the training module.

About 22 companies and organizations joined the workshop. Integrity Initiative and GGAPP thanked the participants and their respective companies for their continuing support to integrity and governance initiatives.

Isla Lipana & Co. is one of the seven validated "Advanced" companies of Integrity Initiative to date. The firm supports and actively participates in the activities of Integrity Initiative.

Advanced companies are those which:

  • have undertaken the integrity self-assessment
  • have undergone the independent validation organized by Integrity Initiative
  • have established integrity practices in their organizations
  • are demonstrating best practices, and
  • were presented during the September 2013 Integrity Summit and given the chance to share integrity practices.

Integrity Initiative is a private sector-led campaign which aims to strengthen ethical standards in society. It aspires for a level playing field for business, where ethical companies enjoy competitive advantage in both government and private sector transactions.  Integrity Initiative is implemented by the Makati Business Club and the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines. 

The Good Governance Advocates and Practitioners of the Philippines (GGAPP) is an association of good governance advocates and practitioners from various publicly-listed companies, the public sector and other organizations which have come together to promote and assist in the development of good governance in the country.