Che Javier amuses ACPACI members on her sharing of PwC's 17th Annual Global CEO Survey results

Assurance and Finance Partner Che Javier shared her personal take
on the survey results through her "Philippines in the Limelight:  Can we
Capitalize?" topic during the Association of CPA's in Commerce and
Industry's general membership meeting held on 26 March 2014 at the
Bahia Room of Hotel InterContinental Manila.  

The luncheon session of Che allowed her to share four or five survey results.  
Thereafter, she focused her talk on the challenges brought about by today's
mega trends of technological advances, demographic shift and shifts in
economic power and moved onto discussing relevant Philippine economy
and technology indicators in an attempt to draw parallelisms and/or
contradictions between the global and Philippine trends.   Before the talk
ended, Che put on her finance hat and rallied the mostly finance people to
share or even own the CEOs' challenges from a finance perspective.

"Very enlightening", "surprisingly light", "better than reading the survey" were
a few of the comments overheard from the audience on Che's talk.

CAS Partner Fedna B. Parallag was among those who attended the event.

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(With inputs from Che Javier)