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The business of entertainment

This presentation was made at the National Branding Conference 2017 which held on Tuesday 17 October 2017. Using data from PwC’s latest Entertainment & Media Outlook (2017-2021) -our annual review of the Global entertainment and media space - it highlights emerging trends in the entertainment, media, arts and lifestyle industry. It also gives an overview of the industry in Nigeria with focus on key segments and identifies growth opportunities in the industry. It also explore ways technology can be used as an enabler for the sector.

  • Globally we are seeing a mature entertainment and media industry with declining growth rates.
  • Major digital tipping-points are occurring or in prospect across all segments
  • There is some good news for the industry in this part of the globe. Nigeria with a 12.1% CAGR will be the world’s fastest growing E&M market over the coming five years.
  • Winning in today’s Entertainment and Media environment combines making the right choices between what consumers want and what technology can enable
  • To take advantage of the opportunities in the industry, players need to become more fan-centric
  • Being for fan-centric involves knowing who your fans are, focusing on the content and the experience, increasing the business agility and flexibility, monetizing the total fan relationship and reviewing your approach to distribution.
  • As the industry transitions to a more direct-to-consumer world, those companies that fully embrace a fan-centric approach to their business and how it functions will emerge as the new leaders..



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