COVID-19 Survey of Business leaders

Businesses in Nigeria have identified Liquidity and the safety of their staff among the most pressing business needs they are concerned about as they grapple with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. These are some of the findings from a survey conducted by PwC Nigeria.

The survey findings were part of findings in a survey had about 3000 respondents ranging from managers to CEOs and business owners PwC Nigeria conducted in April 2020.

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Top findings

  • 22.4% pointed at Liquidity as their top business concern. 15.3% identified Safety of their staff. While 14.5% pointed to infrastructure for remote working.
  • 78.5% do not plan to lay off staff as a result of the crisis. 21.5% admit that they will lay off various percentages of staff as a consequence of the pandemic. 
  • 56% of respondents indicated that they will delay investment decisions while 19% stated that they would invest less. 13% indicate they will invest more.
  • 29.7% apiece believe Government intervention should focus on Tax relief and loans at zero or low interest rates. 17% point to cash transfer to the poor. 


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