Capital Projects & Infrastructure

This report provides in-depth insight into the realities of infrastructure delivery across countries, regions and development corridors in sub-Saharan Africa.

Infrastructure plays a key role in economic growth and poverty reduction, while a lack of infrastructure affects productivity and raises production and transaction costs. This reduces the competitiveness of businesses and the ability of governments to pursue economic and social development policies. In Africa one of the most frequently cited barriers to entry and economic growth is physical infrastructure.

Project bankability/viability and access to funding are the most common challenges identified in our findings. In order to address this issue, African countries must overcome the obstacles of inadequate regulatory frameworks, internal capacity limitations, political instability, policy incoherence, reported corruption and a debilitating shortage of capacity and skills.

Our research confirms the tremendous possibilities that lie ahead and the general sentiment is one of positive expectations, optimism and willingness to embrace new ideas and partners, while acknowledging there are challenges and obstacles which need to be overcome to achieve growth.

We share this positive outlook and commitment to unlocking these opportunities and the wealth of Africa for its people, through sound and sustainable infrastructure delivery and operation.

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