PwC partners with the LASG on the Ready-Set-Work Initiative

PwC Nigeria is proud to support the Lagos State Government on this laudable initiative aimed at repositioning tertiary education in the state and adequately preparing products of the state’s tertiary institutions for the world of work.

Recent figures from the Nigeria Bureau of Statistics and other sources show a wide employment deficit with the products of tertiary institutions far outpacing available jobs. On the other hand, while availability of skills remain the major challenge of many private sector organisations, it’s been found that the graduates that are produced are not suitable for the available jobs.

At PwC, we've long held that to tackle youth unemployment effectively, we must reform our approach to education. Universities need to transform themselves into a place where young people can, not only study and take exams, but learn from doing. Educational institutions must provide youths with real world experiences that are relevant, integrate practical skills with theoretical knowledge and foster an entrepreneurial learning environment.

In addition, educators and governments need to open up spaces to involve youth opinion, expand the relevance of a degree for young people and better support their learning experiences with more structured learning and development paths.

This challenge does not fall only on governments and educational institutions. Students and employers alike will need to be more proactive in engaging with decision makers to influence decisions and supporting initiatives to improve the situation.

As a major beneficiary of the products of tertiary institutions, the firm is deeply concerned about the current state of affairs and we are committed to playing a role in changing it.

In this regard, we will be supporting the Ready-Set-Work initiative with “Internship support.” At PwC we hold strongly that work experience or short term temporary/ part time roles  (internship programmes) can be valuable not only for skills development but to help young people plan their career while introducing them to the world of work.  

We look forward in the coming months to welcoming the beneficiaries of this program to our offices as we continue to support various other similar initiatives in line with our purpose which is to “Build trust in society and solve important problems.” 

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