The Africa Government and Public Services Insight Journal

PwC’s Africa Government and Public Sector Insight Journal is a journal of articles and viewpoints from our public sector practitioners across Africa. In this publication, we describe the ways that future-focused public sector organisations are transforming service delivery, improving accountability and managing change. Twelve articles by PwC contributors in Kenya, South Africa, Namibia, Rwanda, Ghana, Nigeria, Mauritius and Tanzania offer specific examples and best practices that are shaping the next generation of public bodies all across Africa.

These articles demonstrate that future-focused public sector organisations are setting the tone for service delivery in Africa. Simply put, they are making a difference. We have the privilege of working with many of them, and our collective views in this publication paint a hopeful picture. Although there is a great deal of work to do before Africa’s public sector is truly ‘future focused’ there are also positive signs that many organisations are headed in the right direction.

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