Research Approach

Qualitative Research

Experienced Interviewers, Moderators and Data Analysts - In the case of the qualitative phases, the interviews and focus groups will be conducted by a qualified and experienced moderator.

Respondent selection - Potential respondents are carefully screened in order to guarantee that they fulfil the requirements for being interviewed or for attending a focus group.

Researcher triangulation - More than one trained and experienced researcher will be involved in the analysis and interpretation phases of the research so as to reduce the threat of bias and subjectivity, rendering results more credible.

Detailed descriptions and quotes in report - Detailed descriptions of the data allow readers to make their own judgments about the believability and credibility of findings.

Qualitative research approaches include:

  • Focus Group Discussions.
  • In-depth Interviews.
  • Semi-structured Interviews. 
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Quantitative Research

Experience, Training and Pilot Testing of Questionnaire

  • The Market Research & Surveys Team of PwC has several years of experience when it comes to conducting quantitative research
  • Field interviewers and data capturers are carefully selected and continuously trained to ensure high quality of work
  • The PwC Market Research & Surveys Team will provide training of interviewers prior to every research study to ensure that they understand what is expected of them
  • Pilot interviews are conducted to test the interview instrument before it is used in field
  • We have a diverse team in terms of cultural background, allowing greater flexibility in interviewing respondents speaking different Namibian languages
  • The PwC Research Team travels with interviewers to field
  • The Data Interpretation model designed by Q&A Consulting Services will be further implemented by PwC to ease understanding of findings for clients

Quantitative research approaches include:

  • Face-to-Face Interviews
  • Telephonic Interviews
  • Electronic Interviews

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