Indirect Tax


Indirect taxes affect businesses in many ways: compliance, pricing, cash flows and profitability, to name a few. Thus, it is crucial for businesses to manage their exposure to indirect taxes and prevent unnecessary costs. Mistakes can be costly.

Clients turn to our Indirect Tax professionals to help them manage and mitigate their indirect tax risks.

Goods and Services Tax

With limited time to prepare for the introduction of GST, businesses in Malaysia have undergone a significant and comprehensive change to be GST ready by the 1 April 2015 deadline. 

Systems and process changes are now in place and GST has well and truly become an intrinsic part of running a business in Malaysia. But have you considered whether these changes have been properly implemented, and whether they are sufficient to manage your GST risk? 

As with any new tax regime, we expect a lot of developments and updates. We provide tailored solutions to give you peace of mind that your business stays up to date with the GST rules, is GST-optimised and in a position to be GST compliant.

Find out more about our GST service offerings here.

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Other Indirect Taxes

While the former Sales and Service Tax (SST) regimes have now been repealed, the Royal Malaysian Customs Department have indicated they may still conduct SST audits, and they retain the power to apply penalties and for non-compliance with the former tax regimes.

We work to provide peace of mind by:

  • assisting with preparations for SST audits and disputes
  • conducting SST due diligence for any potential business acquisitions

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Do you ...

  • require GST compliance solutions?
  • need targeted and customised indirect tax trainings for new staff?
  • need a review of your newly implemented GST processes and systems to identify and address any deficiencies?
  • require advice as to the GST implications of new or potential business arrangements or contracts?


How we can help you

We have one of largest global network of indirect tax professionals 

We take a multi-disciplinary approach to indirect taxes, integrating with our specialist industry networks

We have dedicated teams to coordinate our global client service and commit to execution within agreed time frames

Our team has worked on GST implementation projects for a diverse range of businesses across all industry sectors, with input from GST specialists from Australia, Singapore, UK and New Zealand




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