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Come Think With Us

What is it?

Come Think with Us is a brainstorming session bringing together key decision makers/owners of family or privately owned business with PwC advisors.

Together, we take up to half a day working ‘on, not in’ your business.

We will talk through your commercial and personal goals, the plans you’ve got in place to achieve them and the challenges you’ll need to navigate along the way.

What will it cost?

Absolutely nothing. Come Think With Us is entirely no obligation and free of any charges. All that is required is your time and a willingness to share your aspirations.

What is the format?

The sessions are usually a two to three hour informal brainstorm held in our office. PwC will have a team of business advisors that reflects the needs of the organisation and a facilitator to help you to pinpoint the issues facing your business. The format will depend on your current circumstance and will focus on pressing issues facing you and your business - like performance improvement, attracting and retaining good people, succession or tax planning. Throughout the conversation, new opportunities are explored, innovative ideas are generated, new questions are identified and solutions discussed.

Why invest your time?

Across PwC, we've experienced first hand what it takes to build a successful business through working alongside early stage, high growth and established enterprises. That means we’ve got the knowledge to ask the right questions about the right issues and can help you identify growth, sustainability and profitability improvement opportunities.

Who benefits?

Business owners and managers with an openmind to accept challenge, the appetite to test business objectives and plans, and the motivation to drive change and grow their business.

What do you need to provide?

If you are an existing PwC client, just come along and participate. If you are not a PwC client the more information you can provide us about statements, market intelligence, strategic plans and structuring documentation are all valuable sources of information. If you share with us the key issues facing you and your business we can ensure that we assemble the most appropriate PwC team.

What do you get?

The outcome you get depends on the course of the discussion and what you want to focus on. Usually, we will present a roadmap summarising the key issues with an initial strategy for each. From there we can help you develop a practical plan for sustainable success.

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Fung Mei Lin

Fung Mei Lin

Tax Partner and Entrepreneurial & Private Business Leader, PwC Malaysia

Tel: +60 (3) 2173 1505

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