Deals Strategy

Identifying the right opportunities and driving long-term value creation for your M&A strategy

We can help you navigate different deal situations with different scale and complexity, providing end-to-end support throughout the deals cycle.

We help companies understand the opportunities, challenges and risks of investing in new markets, develop holistic strategies and pragmatic solutions for their long term growth and success. Evaluation of investment opportunities will be predicated on strategic, independent market insights, and supported by rigorous analysis and deep industry sector expertise.

Our services

Market Entry Assessment

We help you evaluate opportunities and assess key commercial risks in new markets and industries, prior to undertaking investments.

We provide on the ground market research and analysis, and strategic insights on:

  • Industry developments and key trends
  • Market size and growth potential
  • Size and share of customer wallet
  • Voice of the Customer & key purchasing criteria
  • Competitor assessment
  • Potential investment opportunities


Identify Investment Opportunities - Target Search and Screen

We apply a robust screening methodology which aligns our search to your strategic investment criteria which will encompass:

  •  Determining criteria and filtering process
  •  Creating an extensive list of targets and shortlist potential targets
  •  Profiling targets with attractive investment propositions



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Commercial Due Diligence

We work with corporates, private equity firms and investors to assess specific deal opportunities and evaluate the target’s competitive position and performance, business strategies and sources of competitive advantage.

The strategic and commercial due diligence assessment spans from pre-deal (market due diligence), deal execution (commercial due diligence on the target) to post-deal (strategic value creation).

Typically, a Commercial Due Diligence encompasses an independent assessment on the target by evaluating the following:

  • Estimating the market size and growth potential of the target’s business
  • Analysis of the competitive environment, and the target’s competitive position
  • Analysis of key customers and the strength of customer relationships. We conduct customer referencing to provide independent feedback
  • Assessment on the achievability of projections, with specific adjustments where we believe the risk is high, or if there could be further upsides



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Business Plan and Growth Strategy

We will help you develop practical and implementable strategies for sustainable growth, to enhance shareholder value – taking your business to the next level.

The Business Plan may be driven by a change in strategic direction, market opportunities, industry developments, need for fund raising or to meet regulatory requirements.

We combine rigorous market research techniques, financial analytical skills and in-depth industry knowledge to help you create a compelling, strategic case for investment.

A detailed business plan and strategic roadmap would entail:

  • Developing a unique value proposition, after thoroughly assessing the market landscape and opportunities, and competitive environment
  • Defining a target market, and develop go-to-market strategies for the business
  • Developing a robust financial model to support the business plan, taking into account key drivers of growth, revenue sources and investment requirements
  • Evaluation of organic vs inorganic growth options (make or buy) to support the business model
  • Building a strategic roadmap which highlights critical success factors and future rollout plans


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