Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) Enablement Solutions

Enhance business efficiency and effectiveness with GRC tools

Being agile to risks allows your business to become more responsive to real-time changes in the regulatory environment – and creates opportunities to build trust with companies, regulators and consumers.

GRC solutions provides you with an all-in-one platform to manage and optimise risk and compliance processes. By using the right tools, we help you develop an integrated framework that promotes process efficiency, effective data management and consolidated reporting.

The critical elements of your GRC programme include proper steps for:

  • selecting the right technology (pre-implementation)

  • implementing the selected tools (implementation)

  • maintaining a sustainable operating model (post-implementation)


What you can achieve by digitalising your GRC lifecycle:

  • Assure data integrity by establishing a single source of truth for information across the Three Lines of Defense

  • Establish a common taxonomy for effective data management

  • Improve efficiency through an integrated data collection process

  • Promote effective information sharing among the lines of defense

  • Provide a holistic view of your GRC reporting through a central repository of information for risk and compliance audiences, including senior management and board members

PwC’s GRC Enablement Model

We work with you to identify a scalable solution for your GRC model. The GRC journey involves a 5-step process:


Business Requirement
We work with you to understand your processes and requirements to propose areas for automation and integration in the GRC roadmap. This phase also involves defining the data model and taxonomy.


GRC Tool Evaluation
We assist you through the vendor selection process. This includes evaluating the modules and applications that are relevant to your GRC needs.


Design, Development, Deployment
  • Designing the overall data schema
  • Developing prototype and use cases
  • Performing tests on the development
  • Preparing the transition and go-live checklist for deployment


Training and Post Implementation Support
We support you through the transition by providing training and post go-live maintenance


Project Management
We help manage the implementation journey through a strategic project management office and overseeing the progress to provide you with regular project updates.

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