Millennials at work: Reshaping the workforce


Millennials at work: Reshaping the workforce

This report examines the aspirations and evolving preferences of recent graduates in Malaysia.

Based on a survey of 515 millennials across Malaysia in the last quarter of 2011, it raises thought provoking questions on the need for businesses to rethink their workforce strategies in light of these developments.

Three key themes emerged from this study:

  • the changing concept of loyalty influenced by the effects of the global recession
  • technology as a boon to innovation but also a catalyst for intergenerational conflict in the workplace
  • the importance of work/life balance

Malaysian millennials told us that:

  • Money matters more than career progression prospects.
    54% of survey respondents said that competitive wages made an employer very attractive while 50% are attracted to jobs offering good benefits programmes
  • They had to compromise the most on salary and benefits to get employed during the economic downturn.
    35% had to accept a lower salary while 29% had to make do with fewer benefits, implying that they are likely to move on for better job prospects when economic conditions improve.
  • They expect to use the same technologies that empower their personal lives to drive communication and innovation in the workplace.
    76% say that provision of state of the art technology by their prospective employer is important to them when considering a job.   

Quotes from the millennials who participated in this survey are included throughout this report.

The report complements the global survey report which can be accessed here.


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