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Be Well, Live Well.

Across the PwC network, our people and leadership have highlighted wellbeing as a People Priority. In keeping with this objective, we've implemented various initiatives over the last three years that make our people's wellbeing central to how we work here at PwC Malaysia. 

We began with #FitPwC in 2015, a flagship programme to help our people become healthier, happier and more productive in the long run. And since it's implementation, we've successfully held a number of #FitPwC events in collaboration with our PwC Sports Club and Human Capital team throughout the year.

We have now expanded #FitPwC to focus on more than just physical fitness. Rebranded as #PwCWellbeing, the programme now covers the three core aspects of:

  • Body - physical fitness (#FitPwC) , nutrition and sleep
  • Mind - mental and emotional health 
  • Heart - values, motivation and giving back   
pwc malaysia wellbeing programme

Launch of #PwCWellbeing 2018

We launched our #PwCWellbeing programme on 5 April this year.

The event kicked off with a brief introduction by our Corporate Responsibility and Wellbeing Lead, Florence Tan. Our People Partner, Pauline Ho then took to the floor to share why wellbeing was important to PwC Malaysia, and how we were investing in wellbeing programmes for our people.

Pauline also highlighted how the programme had progressed since its implementation. "Our KakiJalan* participation increased by 26% in one year," she exclaimed happily, before proceeding to share her personal experience on staying fit despite her full-time role as an Assurance Partner and many hobbies. 

"I sign up for events such as the annual Standard Chartered KL Marathon, and then work out for it. And each year, I challenge myself to do better that than the previous year," she said.

Similar to previous years, this year's launch included a range of fun activities that our people could take part in. For more info about these activities, check out the launch highlights below.

*KakiJalan is weekly challenge where our people compete to get the most number of steps.

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"I hope with the launch of #PwCWellbeing we will see a lot more participation in all the activities that we organise."

Salika Suksuwan, Human Capital Leader, PwC Malaysia

Highlights of the launch

One of the key highlight of this year's #PwCWellbeing launch was the sharing session on wellbeing by our leaders - Managing Partner, Sridharan Nair, Diversity & Inclusion Leader Chin Suit Fang and Human Capital Leader Salika Suksuwan.

Our Assurance Associate, Eric Tan who came armed with a range of interesting questions for our leaders, moderated the fun and informal session. 

Some of the more fun questions included what wellbeing meant to them, the one thing they did to improve their wellbeing (Salika - achieve 10,000 steps every day), what wouldn't they do (Sri - eat quinoa), and who they considered the most 'buff' person at PwC!

Thanks to Sri's witty comebacks, Suit Fang's tongue-in-cheek replies, and Salika's candid responses, the session was both insightful and entertaining for all those who attended. 

It was also quite illuminating to learn how Sri, Suit Fang, Salika and Pauline incorporated wellbeing into their daily schedules, and how 'snacking' was an essential activity for all!

"For me, wellbeing is about having clarity of mind - it's not just about physical fitness."

Sridharan Nair, Managing Partner, PwC Malaysia

"Being engaged and having meaning in what we do daily leads to wellbeing."

Chin Suit Fang, Diversity & Inclusion Leader, PwC Malaysia

This year, more than 370 of our people registered for our #FitPwC activities during the launch. These activities included:

  • KakiJalan on flexPoints – our people compete to get the most steps in one week
  • Stairathon – weekly stair challenge held between 6pm to 7pm at the office
  • GetFit Classes – weekly fitness classes held between 6pm to 7pm at the office (Zumba, Yoga, Mindfulness, Self-Defense)
  • Just the Weigh You Are – weight loss programme

Notably, the KakiJalan challenge which went mobile with the introduction of our flexPoints* app, had the highest registration count.

It was also quite encouraging to see that the two new fitness classes – Mindfulness (1-hour guided mindfulness on basic muscle tension release and practice of conscious relaxation), and Self-Defence – had attracted a decent amount of sign ups.

This was largely thanks to the self-defence demo conducted by our very own Dianne Uma Daniel from Tax, who showed off some cool moves with the help of our people. The most exciting moment however was when our Diversity & Inclusion Leader Chin Suit Fang went up against our People Partner Pauline Ho and demonstrated quite an impressive kick.

Other #FitPwC activities planned include #UrutPwC (15 minutes of head, neck and shoulder massage for our people by blind masseuse from the Nuri Wellness Centre) as well as training for the Rat Race, Bursa Bull Charge and the Inter-Accounting Firm Games.

The various #FitPwC activities will run from April to November.

* flexPoints is a real-time recognition programme for our people. It runs on both mobile app and website allowing our people to express appreciation and/or recognise the contributions of their colleagues.

#FitPwC consists of the following, which runs from April to November:
#FitPwC consists of the following, which runs from April to November:

This year, we also introduced a Gratitude Booth for the 'Heart' aspect of wellbeing.

The Gratitude Booth essentially offered our people the opportunity to share stories about how their colleague(s) demonstrated various PwC Value(s) which impacted them.

To take part in the activity, we asked our people to share their gratitude stories online and submit a screenshot of the completion page. For every submisssion, they were given a Heart stamp, which they could then use to redeem a resistance band during the launch.

We received a total of 109 submissions.

Other activities held during the launch included:

  • Bananagram - a fun mind activity where our people were asked to identify as many words as they could from 16 given alphabets and the winners would receive a banana in return
  • flexPoints competition - a contest where we asked our people to post a video/photo which showcased all three aspects of 'body + mind + heart' and share it via flexPoints. Winners had the opportunity to walk away with #FitPwC t-shirts 
  • Cancer Research Malaysia - an opportunity for our people to show their support for the cause by purchasing a #reverseforcancer merchandise or signing up to be a donor
  • Online Fitbit sale - we also had a Fitbit booth to encourage more people to purchase the devices online for this year's KakiJalan challenge
  • Games - Twister, Wheel Decide

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