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Desk India is PwC México’s unit and main focal point for Indian companies that are established or are interested in investing, establishing, raising capital or operating anywhere in México.

Our team consists of Chartered Accountants and Consultants, who are based in México and have experience working in Audit, Tax, Legal, Advisory and Consulting projects. We coordinate all projects locally and are also the point of contact with PwC India.

We work closely with the Embassy of India, ProMéxico, Industry associations and chambers in India and México. Since its establishment in 2013, Desk India has supported major industry players of Indian Origin, to facilitate growth and sustainable development of an Indian company in Mexico.

We also support Méxican companies planning to enter the Indian Market.


"We want to be able to offer Indian companies the best possible support to grow or enter in the Mexican market. Our experts will help you to develop suitable solutions for your company both, if you are planning an investment in Mexico, or if you are already established and want to expand in the Mexican market. We understand you like no one else does."

Rakshit Mahadevaprasad, Leader Desk India




Why should Indian companies come to Mexico?

Mexico gives you access to one of the world's largest markets with favorable business environment.

#2  Telecommunications Market in Latin America.

#6  Oil Producer in the world.

#5  Nation more competitive in the world.

#7  World Producer of Cars in the world.

#10  Tourism Globally.

#14  World Economy in terms of GDP.

#11  Country in the world with population.


  • Mexico is the 13th largest economy in the world in nominal terms and 11th in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP).
  • Mexico accounts for about 35% of the total Latin American trade.
  • Mexico has the second highest number of free trade agreements in the world with access to more than 45 countries, including the Pacific Alliance treaty and NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement).
  • Mexico is in ninth place among the world's 25 most attractive countries for investors, according to AT Kearney's FDI Confidence Index 2015th.
  • Mexico has low financial market volatility, a skilled workforce and structural reforms contribute to the country's rapid development. According to the World Bank represents Mexico, the country with the best opportunities to do business in the developing world.


Our Team can help you:

  Strategy, Planning & Decisions Preparation, Concept & Design Market Entry, Organisation & Network Growth, Regulation & Optimisation
Financing, Investment & Reporting

• Investment planning.
• Business case.
• Financing modelling.

• Financing.
• Cash flow & budget planning.
• Investor management.
• Local funding.

• Set up Financial Management.
• Controlling.
• Reporting and regulation, Treasury, etc.

• Financial and working capital management: optimisation of debts and equity structures.
• Investor and portfolio management.

Strategy, Organisation, Processes & Systems

• Internationalisation strategy.
• Market research.
• Availability of resources.
• Partner search.
• Feasibility studies and localisation requirements.
• Business model.
• HR-Strategy.

• Site selection.
• Corporate design and operating model.
• Product and service design.
• Analysis and contracting of suppliers & clients, HR-Planning and selection.

• Set up of organisational structure and infraestructure.
• Stakeholder communications.
Network integration.
• Set-up and IT integration.
• Production/product and service launches.

• Growth & sales initiatives.
• Continuous improvement of the organisational structure.
• Processes & systems.
• Work force optimization.
• Change management.
• Stakeholders management.

Taxes, Legalisation & Customs

• Tax strategy.
• Legal structuring.
• Regulation.
• Governmental incentives.

• Location choice & legal filings.
• Tax Planning.
• Import/Export duty rates and other barriers to make entry.
•Contract negotiations.
• Inmigration services.

• Contract and license management.
• Customs organisation & logistics.
• Transfer pricing: Customs calculations.

• Tax strategy improvement; License management.
• Contract optimisation and labor relations.

Compliance, Sustainbility & Accounting

• Compliance & CSR strategy.
• Consideration of specific Mexican requirements & regulation.

• Compliance with all general and industry specific regulatory standards (organisation, processes, methods, guidelines, T-systems, etc.)

• Establishment of financial departments.
• Reporting system & auditing.
• Bookkeeping & compliance.
• Outsourcing.
• Traingin & Payroll.

• Continuous improvement.
• Investor relations & stakeholder communication.
• Management of standards to comply with.

Overall Project, Change & Risk Management for your market Entry



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