Total Retail Survey 2016

Online shoppers around the world are fundamentally disrupting retail–again.

  • 23,000

    shoppers surveyed in 25 countries

  • 54%

    buy products online weekly or monthly

  • 34%

    agree that their mobile phone will become their main purchase tool

  • 67%

    say that either reading or writing social media reviews and comments influences their online shopping behavior

They say they want a revolution

As digital disruption continues to upend retail and global consumers are more empowered than ever, retailers are struggling to remain relevant. The speed of technology adoption has raised the stakes for both retailers and their consumer packaged goods partners. 

Watch this short video of Global R&C leader John Maxwell explaining how consumers around the world are pushing the boundaries of what shopping means. 


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Total Retail 2016: Global Overview

Total Retail 2016: Global Overview

Total Retail 2016: Global Overview

Around the world with Total Retail
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A closer look at the data supporting our eight key insights for Total Retail 2016

What are some of the key takeaways from our Total Retail research?

Our Total Retail survey asked about shopping behaviors ranging from social media participation to mobile purchasing, from interacting with store employees to what would get Millennials to buy locally more often. Watch these videos from PwC’s retail & consumer professionals to learn more.

How do consumers shop? That depends on what they’re shopping for. 

Not every retail category was created equal in the eyes of online shoppers. Click on any of the below icons to understand how online shoppers around the world shop in that particular product category.

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