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IT Strategy and Enterprise Architecture

We help our clients to improve the contribution of IT to their business by managing their IT function in an efficient way.

We can help you to transform strategic business opportunities that information technology can bring to you by playing a critical role within your strategy teams. Through the definition of business-driven enterprise architecture, we can help you design and become a high-performing IT organisation.

Your Challenges and concerns

  • How can you maximise the potential you can have from your organisation’s technological capabilities to have a competitive advantage?
  • Are major IT changes affecting the whole organisation well managed in terms of people, process and technology?
  • Is your IT team capable of assisting you to achieve your business strategies and take you to the next level?
  • Is your current technology stack a barrier to your current or future business needs?
  • Are you able to track and measure the return of investment or benefits for IT spends?

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How PwC can help

  • Technology strategy: We apply a business driven approach to align your existing and future technology investments and initiatives with your business objectives. We can  help you identify gaps between your IT function (strategy, structure, people, process, technology) and your organisational direction. We will work together to design a “blueprint” of your future operating model, and a roadmap outlining the short, medium and long term initiatives required to get you there.
  • Emerging technologies: We can work with you to maximise the use of innovations in technology such as Green technologies, Mobile Computing, Digital Strategies using social network service kiosks and call centre to create competitive advantage in your business eco-system.
  • IT Governance: Our team can help you design and implement the organisational, reporting and risk management changes necessary to execute your strategy. Typical drivers include a desire to better align IT with the business, a desire to reduce cost and complexity, a need to better manage risk and compliance, or a need to remediate service quality issues.
  • IT portfolio & project management: Our team helps clients who are looking to drive successful transformational programmes, or to manage complex enterprise programmes, and improve overall execution and performance.  Our Project Management Office (ProMO) ensures that you make the most of large scale transformation technologies by assisting you in this journey with our knowledge on industry specific solutions.

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Business Benefits

With our solutions, you will be able to:

  • Have a technology strategy and operational IT plan to support your organisation’s business strategy and goals;
  • Stay ahead of the emerging technology curve by transforming your technology landscape to address your ever-changing business demands and the need for cost optimisation;
  • Proper management and operation of IT function in an organisation based on international standards and good practices;
  • Quantify the potential cost, benefits and risk/return of the projects you are considering or have underway through the use of state-of-the-art tools and methodologies.

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