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Enterprise Risk Management

Gaining visibility and control on the multitude of internal and external risks has become one of the top priorities for corporations today. With the recent rise in regulatory mandates and increasingly active shareholders, many organisations have become sensitised to identifying areas of risk in their business: be it financial, operational, IT, brand or reputation related risk.

These risks are no longer considered the sole responsibility of specialists - executives and boards demand visibility into exposure and status to effectively manage the organisation’s long-term strategies. As a result, companies are looking to systemically identify, measure, prioritise and respond to all types of risk in the business, and subsequently, to manage any exposure accordingly.

At PwC, we believe that effective risk management should create value, be tailored, be dynamic, iterative and responsive to change, and capable of continual improvement and enhancement.


How can PwC help you?

PwC can support your business in the implementation and development of ERM frameworks across all sectors. This includes developing the process, information and organisational capabilities underpinning effective ERM, and helping you align the ERM with existing core business functions.

Enterprise Risk Management


Reduced compliance cost

Integrated corporate governance, risk management, and compliance processes leads to significantly lower compliance and governance costs.

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Optimised risk/return outcomes

Greater transparency and visibility enables management to undertake initiatives with the most optimal risk/reward outcomes. Higher risk initiatives risk can be monitored and managed more closely.

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Increased shareholder value

Good corporate governance translates to better brand and reputation resulting in stock price premiums.

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Improved business performance

Robust risk management and internal controls lead to better operating performance for the business.

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