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Helping governments and public bodies deliver value to society through innovation

Developed and emerging economies are witnessing a myriad of challenges, ranging from digitisation, individualisation, accelerated urbanization, global pandemics, ecological movement among other megatrends which are impacting traditional governance setup. 

Governments can do more by harnessing the right business expertise, technology and talent to build trust and transform. It’s no longer the question of, “Do we transform?” but “How do we transform?”.

Government Reforms and Modernisation

Your Challenges:

  • How to make better decisions in politics and public administration?
  • What can be done to establish a user-friendly, effective and citizen centric public service?
  • How to develop innovative and collaborative solutions in public administration to foster citizen engagement? 
  • How to adopt a more sophisticated approach in responding to domestic and global threats?

How can we help you?

We help our Government and Public Sector clients navigate through the complex maze of reforms. We enable them to improve public services delivery and improve operational excellence by leveraging on technology.

We have a thorough understanding of government strategies and combine our local and global expertise to solve complex business issues and deliver innovative solutions. 

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The challenges faced by the client

With increasing risks and threats in air passenger traffic, government has embarked on a review of the current Border Control Systems and implementation of an Advance Passenger Information (API) and Passenger Name Record (PNR) system.

What we did

  • Assessed / identified gaps in existing Border Control System
  • Conceptualise Target Operating Model including cost benefit analysis and implementation plan
  • Prepared Terms of Reference for border control system
  • Assisted State Law Office in drafting policies and regulations
  • Provide project management services during implementation of the API / PNR system
  • Quality Control and Change Management

What were the results

  • Detect previously known or unknown risks around air passengers
  • Obtain advance warning mechanisms of suspect persons
  • Identify possible persons of interest in the context of combating terrorism, drug trafficking amongst others
  • Enhance and streamline border control processes to gain operational efficiency
  • Accelerate the process of legitimate passenger clearance
  • Increased passenger facilitation and onboarding

The challenges faced by the client

In order to increase revenue, port authorities are always competing with each other to attract more ships and unlock transhipment opportunities. To stay relevant, port authorities are challenged to meet productivity and efficiency benchmarks.

What we did

  • Assessed operational performance and  process effectiveness
  • Reviewed human resource planning, financial ability and metrics, tariff setting and capability to deliver capital expansion plans
  • Identified bottlenecks, physical and operational constraints through an operational audit 
  • Recommended productivity parameters and an action plan.
  • Implemented an integrated performance dashboard to measure the productivity and efficiency level of operations

What were the results

  • Optimise and obtain an holistic view on port operations based on benchmarks
  • Enable department at all levels to measure productivity and efficiency through KPIs
  • Allow employees to:
    • Focus their efforts on achieving results 
    • Meet the productivity levels set
  • Reduce staff costs
  • Be financially sustainable and be competitive in the market.

The challenges faced by the client

Government embarked on revamping the land administration and valuation system due to various system related challenges such as:

  • Evolution of business requirements;
  • Scalability of current system;
  • Sub-optimal usage of modules;
  • Prolonged system downtime due to unavailability of hardware parts; and
  • Lengthy issue resolution.
  • What we did

    PwC assisted government in this transformation journey and develop a strategic plan for revamping the system.

    • Analysed / identified challenges in the current processes and technology landscape
    • Developed strategic initiatives and conceptualised the proposed ecosystem using Blockchain Technology
    • Drafted Legal and Regulatory Framework changes
    • Prepared the Request For Proposal including technical architecture and functional requirements

    What were the results

    • Achieve 100% accuracy of the Cadastre with each land parcel
    • Create a 360◦ view of lands records for greater transparency and visibility
    • Use of emerging technologies to reduce manual intervention 
    • Seamless integration with internal and external systems 
    • Anywhere and anytime access to information
    • Real time reporting and tracking
    • Keep citizens’ needs at the core of every decision by adopting a ‘Citizen First’ approach 

    The challenges faced by the client

    The business environment and operations of Social Security institutions have evolved considerably with new benefits and schemes being introduced by mergers or by the Government over the years. This evolution in the organisation’s business model and operations has resulted in additional burden on existing technology layers such as legacy systems, highly manual and redundant processes, overpayment and underpayment of benefits amongst others.

    What we did

    • Defined citizen centric operating model
    • Conceptualised target operating model 
    • Standardised back office functions 
    • Developed implementation plan and cost / feasibility assessment for citizen centric initiatives
    • Prepared Terms of Reference for the Social Security Transformation (eSSS)
    • Participated in solution and software selection 
    • Programme management and quality assurance services during implementation

    What were the results

    Opportunities identified to:

    • Transition to 100% e-Service Delivery
    • Provide Anywhere and Anytime Access
    • Create 360 Degree View of Stakeholders
    • Enhance Operational Efficiency
    • Align with International Labour Organization (ILO) standards, Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) goals amongst others


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    Our focus areas:

    • Policy and Strategy Development
    • Conceptualisation of your ecosystem by adopting citizen centric approach and emerging technologies 
    • Implementation Roadmap and Budget forecasting
    • Bid Process Management
    • Programme Management and Quality Assurance
    • Change Management and Communication
    • Monitoring and Evaluation

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