"Values for Life" Internship Programme

PwC was my first interaction with the professional world after school. I experienced a new culture, made friends, enjoyed new life challenges and became an integral part of the PwC family. For me, the firm truly stands by its promise which is to help create the value you’re looking for.
— Taruna
My experience was enriching. I gained valuable insight into how a career at PwC might be. I even volunteered in a CSR project during my time here. I would highly recommend anyone to consider this amazing opportunity.
— Ishwarsingh
I trained in several departments (Deals, BPO and CMD) and I’m now a full-time staff. In my various roles, I’ve realised the importance of maintaining high-value relationships. I’m confident these experiences will provide me with a promising career.
— Nalini
My teammates encouraged me to carry out the work of an associate which I really appreciated. This was completely different from my perception of performing administrative work only. A few months at PwC is worth a lot on your CV. The experience is simply amazing and immeasurable.
— Kenny
In only 3 months, I grew up in terms of maturity and I learned to become a more responsible person. The trust they put in me motivated me every single day. It literally brought the best out of me. I’m a full-time employee since a year now. Starting my career at PwC has been one of the best decisions I ever made.
— Mahita
What you learn at PwC is something that no textbook can ever teach you. Work is not only about words and figures. It’s about understanding the people you work with, it’s about being on the same team. No matter how “small” the job you’re doing, you’re helping build the bigger picture.
— Elizabeth

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