Change Management

Given the volatile, uncertain and complex environment businesses currently operate in, most leaders have recognised that the need for change is increasingly becoming more of a constant. The key change drivers are disruption stemming from advances in technology, change in customer profiles and their demands, markets and human capital. In order to maintain a competitive edge and successfully reach business goals, leaders may need to review their existing ways of working. Yet research shows that around 70% of change initiatives do not achieve the desired strategic outcomes.

PwC has developed a framework that underpins a successful change initiative and business transformation. It includes the relevant strategies and tools to take into account the interdependencies between stakeholders, the organisation, people and the supporting technologies.

PwC’s people-centric change approach is a unique and proven way to successfully drive change to achieve the overarching business strategy by driving positive and sustainable change through people. It promotes a soft approach to change management by using a wide range of change levers such as:

  •  changing behaviours;
  • key stakeholder analysis and gaining buy-in of relevant stakeholders to mitigate resistance;
  • providing bespoke training and coaching to managers and employees depending on the organisation’s change readiness, culture and flexibility.

How can we help

We can support you in driving, implementing and sustaining effective change to help you cope with an ever-changing environment. Our services include:

  • Defining your strategic vision for the change
  • Analysing your organisation’s change readiness and understanding how the change will impact your people
  • Carrying out a stakeholder analysis, advising you on how to manage key stakeholders within your organisation and mitigating resistance to change
  • Advising you on best practice methodologies to align organisational leaders on the change initiative
  • Defining and planning an effective communications strategy
  • Developing the organisational capabilities you need to ensure the changes stick through training and other interventions
  • Defining and measuring the benefits of the change programme


Why PwC?

  • Our people-centric change approach is key to driving a successful end-to-end change management initiative to achieve an organisation’s business strategy;
  • We conduct research and studies on topics related to the future of work to provide you with useful thought leadership pieces;
  • We draw on our change management expertise, whether process-driven, technology-driven or organisational-related;
  • We have extensive experience with a wide range of organisations from various sectors.

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