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Company Accounting and Administration

At PwC Malta, we provide company accounting and administration services to entities from various sectors ranging from family businesses to multinationals. We are a team of dedicated and motivated professionals, highly experienced in assisting clients with all matters arising throughout a company’s life, including incorporation and winding up.

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Geared with proven experience in business services, we are in the best place to understand and respond to your needs rapidly. We are knowledgeable, flexible, committed and able to communicate effectively.

Our main objective is to add value to your business by providing a complete range of back-office support services. Apart from handling the day-to-day tasks, we may also step in to advise and assist you with taking good business decisions and recommend best courses of action. By adopting this approach, we have succeeded in building strong and trusted relationships with our clients.


Assisting you taking good business decisions

What services can we offer?

Accounting services

  • Maintenance of general ledgers and proper books of account, including cash books, monthly reconciliations and analysis of receipts and payments
  • Preparation of draft periodic management accounts and reports

  • Assistance with the preparation of standalone annual financial statements  in accordance with the relevant financial reporting framework and the Maltese Companies Act

  • Assistance with the preparation of consolidated Group financial statements in accordance with the relevant financial reporting framework and the Maltese Companies Act

  • Outsourcing personnel to assist you in your day-to-day bookkeeping and posting of accounting information in their respective accounting package - further details in the section below

Outsourcing your accounting function to us

  • Outsourcing our people on a temporary basis to fill in any gaps within your finance team;
  • Assisting you with your day-to-day bookkeeping and any other accounting services that may be required

  • Ensuring that quality and reliable information is available when required, in order to make the necessary business decisions, based on complete, accurate and timely financial data

  • Ensuring timely VAT, payroll and other fiscal submissions to the competent authorities as required by local legislation

  • Providing advice on processes within the accounting function that may be improved or enhanced

Outsourcing your AML/CFT compliance to us

  • Review of existing policies and procedures to ensure compliance with Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Combating the Funding of Terrorism (CFT) obligations  

  • Review of existing customer due diligence files to ensure compliance with AML and CFT obligations (health check)

  • Assistance with the on-boarding of new clients, namely client acceptance procedures and the collection of KYC documentation/information as required by law

  • Assistance with on-going monitoring of customer due diligence documentation

  • Assistance with client screening

Formation and registration of entities

  • Incorporation of a Maltese company in terms of the Companies Act

  • Registration of a place of business for an oversea company in Malta

  • Redomiciliation of a foreign company to be continued in Malta

  • Inception of trusts, foundations and partnerships

Secretarial services

  • Maintenance and safekeeping of the statutory records and Registers of the Company
  • Preparation and submission of the statutory forms required for changes in directors, registered office, company secretary or corporate name

  • Assistance with share capital increases, share capital reductions or changes in the classes of shares, including the preparation of documentation as required

  • Preparation and submission of the Company’s Annual Return with the Registrar of Companies

  • Preparation of all the relevant resolutions, minutes and other related documents as required to be filed by law

  • Compilation and maintenance of the Register of Beneficial Owners

  • Preparation of Board or Shareholders’ resolutions and minutes

Administration services

  • Preparation of sales invoices and monitoring of the collection of receivables
  • Liaising with third parties and monitoring of compliance with the local authorities

  • Assistance with the appointment of a director and company secretary

  • Any other administrative tasks as may be required

VAT compliance services

  • Registration of the Company for VAT purposes
  • Preparation and submission of the VAT return for each VAT accounting period

  • Preparation and completion of the recapitulative statement for every quarter and filing same with the VAT department

  • Attending meetings with the company officials at the VAT Department(when required)

  • Assistance with queries relating to correct VAT application and treatment, from a practical as well as an accounting perspective

Opening of bank accounts

Assistance with the opening of a bank account including:

  • Liaising with the bank of your preference in relation to the procedures and steps required to open a bank account

  • Completing the necessary bank account opening forms

  • Collating and providing the bank with the due diligence documentation required for the purposes of opening the bank account

  • Analysing the FATCA and CRS classification of the Company

  • Setting up internet banking facilities for the Company

  • Debit/Credit card application and respective facilities (when required)

Consolidation services

  • Assistance with the assessment of whether the Group exceeds the statutory thresholds to prepare consolidated financial statements
  • Assistance with the aggregation and consolidation of the Group figures
  • Assistance with the preparation of the consolidated financial statements in accordance with the relevant financial reporting framework and Companies Act

Liquidation services

Assistance with:

  • The appointment of a liquidator for the company and/or provision of ongoing support to the liquidator
  • Drafting and filing the necessary resolutions and statutory forms in connection with the liquidation of the Company
  • Preparation of the financial statements for the period up to the date of liquidation and the final scheme of distribution

Payroll services

  • Compilation of employment licence applications together with engagement and termination forms

  • Handling changes in employee turnover and timely salaries posted into respective bank accounts while maintaining updated personnel files

  • Tracking vacation leave or any other absence records

  • Submission of monthly statutory reports on behalf of the Company and management of any resultant dues

  • Payroll analysis reports and year-end payroll reporting procedures

  • Presentation of ongoing journal reports

  • Electronically encrypted individual payslips sent to all employees and provision of printed ones to the employer

  • Assistance with the net of tax payroll calculations

  • Updating the employer with new employment legislation and tax updates

  • Provision of advice on fringe benefit considerations and calculations of relevant tax impacts

  • Ongoing support to employer and employees while reporting any issued by exception


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