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Change and Programme Effectiveness

Organisations are rightly expecting a measurable return on their change programmes and are becoming increasingly demanding with regard to achieved outcomes. Yet, we know from recent research (source: CSC Index/AMA Survey) that 41% of change projects fail and that of the 59% that ‘succeed’ only half meet the expectations of senior management. A survey that PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) ran in conjunction with MORI in the late 1990’s found that 9 out of the 10 top barriers to change are people related, for example, limited change management skills, poor communications and employee opposition were all cited. In response to the survey’s findings PwC has developed a Framework for the Delivery of Benefits and Management of Change, incorporating strategies and tools to assist organisations to manage major change.

Organisational change is complex because of the interdependencies between the stakeholders, the organisation, its people and supporting technologies; any change in one aspect is likely to affect one or more of the others. The 'softer' aspects of business change, such as changing behaviours, gaining buy-in of the staff, managing transfers into and out of organisations, and providing training at the right time, are critical to achieving the desired outcomes.

If this is your situation

You wish to develop people-driven principles and processes to guide the organisation from its current state to a new state.

You want to stop project success being endangered by uncertainty regarding how to manage stakeholders impacted by change.

You need to manage people development and ensure that appropriate skills are developed.

You want to position the organisation’s culture to ensure positive attitudes towards change.

You have to establish the control and co-ordination activities required to manage projects successfully.

You want to develop tools and templates to support projects and achieve successful outcomes.

You wish to ensure that project business benefits and performance improvement are achieved throughout the project’s lifecycle and beyond.

How PwC can help you

Change and programme effectiveness services create the change strategy and organisation design. We can:

  • Assist with programme management and portfolio management advisory services;
  • Advise on benefits delivery;
  • Assist in envisioning the case for change;
  • Advise on approaches to align values, attitudes and behaviours with strategic objectives;
  • Provide recommendations to design the organisation and transition people; and
  • Coach management to assimilate the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours required to increase their effectiveness in driving sustainable change.
Change and Programme Effectiveness

Change and programme effectiveness services align and sustain the change. We can:

  • Advise on stakeholder management;
  • Advise on communications;
  • Advise on training requirements;
  • Advise on effective strategies for people development and growth;
  • Develop recommendations regarding Performance Management;
  • Benchmarking of the efficiency and effectiveness of HR;
  • Assist with project management advisory services;
  • Assist with project office advisory services; and
  • Conduct project assessments.

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Joseph Camilleri

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Michel Ganado

Advisory Partner, PwC Malta

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