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Data and analytics can provide you with the opportunity to add value to anything you do. The real value add of mastering big data is closely linked to your ability to use stored information, whilst uncovering new trends and insights. Data analytics allows you to view and discover a full picture around the processes you are regularly engaged with. Just over the past few years the world has witnessed the creation of 90% of its current data, with this percentage bound to increase further in short term as new technologies are enabled.

Today's digital market is increasingly bringing data analytics to the forefront of business decision-making. Many work environments gather data from a huge number of sources, integrated processes, teams and smart devices. The training provided at PwC's Academy can help you unlock further insight through effective use of data allowing you to drive positive user and customer experience.

Learning Path 1 - Are you looking to move from an Excel professional to a Data Analyst?

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Structured Data Mentoring Project 

Learning Path 2 - Are you looking to focus your studies on Data Skills?

Award in Data Skills for Digital Transformation MQF Level 6

It's all about the DATA!

Big, real-time data is generated in an organisation every day. It’s an asset they already own, but it’s useless unless transformed and used for decision making.

If data is used to drive the organisation’s decision process, entities need to enhance the quality of their data. Entities need to understand different technologies and processes to efficiently gather, transform and model data from various disparate sources. For entities to maximise their performance, they need to apply appropriate analytical techniques to gather insights from their data.

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Learning journey

This journey will help you to:
  • Create a solid data governance framework to ensure good data quality. (Data Governance)
  • Acquire skills to gather relevant structured and unstructured data from multiple data channels. (Data Gathering)
  • Build the right data models to be the foundations for effective analytics (Data Modelling)
  • Become a data-driven organisation using innovative analytical and visualisation techniques to make faster and better informed decisions. (Data Analytics & Visualisations)

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Get Qualified Scheme

The Get Qualified scheme is an initiative that supports the personal development of individuals for the achievement of qualifications and certifications required by industry.

 The incentive is applicable to individuals following a course of studies which leads to a certification, diploma, degree or postgraduate degree course. Upon successful completion the student will benefit from a tax credit enabling them to recover part of the costs incurred.

Once successful, students receive up to 70% of the total fees paid in the form of tax credits.

Please contact the Academy team to assist you with any other queries you may have.

Learning Path 3 - Are you looking for short dedicated courses?

Python is the fastest growing programming language used for all types of applications, especially in the data analytics area. Users make extensive use of Excel and Power BI Data Analytics and Visualizations features for their day-to-day analytics. However, using Python with Power BI one can very easily perform advanced Analytics.

Throughout this course a user will learn Python from scratch and move on to apply python scripts to import, transform and visualize data in Power BI.

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Upcoming Courses

Intermediate Excel for Professionals
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analysing data info charts

Advanced Excel for Professionals
Course Starting:  7 October 2022

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Analysing and Visualising Data with Power BI
Course Starting:  24 November 2022

analysing data info charts

Tutor was very knowledgeable on the subject and delivered his knowledge with ease.

Transportation industry

Tutor has demonstrated that he has a very strong knowledge of Excel, he made the classes interactive and he was really helpful.

Gaming industry

One of the best courses I ever attended! Surely useful once I include it in my daily routine at work

Banking industry

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