Kids & STEM Education

with PwC's Academy

PwC’s Academy has over the past years engaged in activities to prepare today’s student generation for their roles as tomorrow’s leaders by providing a wide range training programmes covering areas such as STEM related topics, creative thinking, innovation, multimedia and entrepreneurship.

Over the past four years PwC have delivered training to over 350 kids as part of our extracurricular activities through the Kids@PwC winter and summer school programmes. Our mission is to inspire students aged between 6 – 15 years old and generate a passion for creative thinking, invention, innovation and entrepreneurship.

This year PwC’s Academy has teamed up with local partners to offering a series of engaging activities for Maltese primary and secondary school students. The main goal of these activities is to introduce children to 21st century skills, and inspire them to think and generate new ideas through practical examples. In doing so, combining life skills such as creativity and innovation with actual hands on technology and design solutions.

PwC’s Academy can assist schools in running activities as part of school extra-curricular programmes as well as deliver sessions as a core component of the yearly school curricula.



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