Creative Thinking in Education

with PwC's Academy

PwC’s Academy is offering a development programme for school teachers and administrations both local and foreign. This programme aims to explore new ways of teaching that focuses on creative thinking to generate new ideas and how such concepts can be applied by professionals. The training includes aspects such as challenging traditional training myths, listing the risks involved in decisions and generating visions for projects.

The main object of this programme is to provide participants with a better appreciation of what creative thinking is and why schools could invest in providing education in these skills.

Those attending will be trained in different creative thinking skills and will learn how to use these tools in the class room both as a subject by itself as well as using these tools to support teaching other subject areas.

Participants will also learn how to use these tools to support communication skills, project management and to use their creativity when developing extra-curricular activities for their schools and colleges.

PwC can assist schools in introducing creative thinking methods to their training methods and teaching portfolio. We draw on our strong team of experts and experienced trainers in the field, who are amongst some of the talented specialists around.



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