Business Innovation

with PwC's Academy

PwC's Academy is offering a number of innovation sprints aimed at supporting business transformation within different industry segments, supporting incremental development and growth.
Innovation occurs in different forms, we tend to think about “big innovation” which is the creation of new products, services or business models though the most successful companies are those that seek incremental innovation.

PwC believes that everyone can innovate, the importance here is that individuals should be encouraged to think differently and adopt a culture for creativity within organisations. In this regard, The Hub lends itself to provide collaborative and creative zones that nurture innovative thinking, the possibility of re-imaging the future of business for executives, learning zones that encourage sharing of experiences and best practices and an environment that embeds the dynamism and agility required in today’s changing world.

PwC’s Academy shall be organising a number of events and workshops focusing on specific industries and roles. Through a design thinking approach attendees will have the opportunity to learn, collaborate and solve real life issues currently being faced with. PwC adopts a structured framework approach for identifying challenges, gathering information, generating solutions, refining ideas and testing solutions.

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PwC can help you to facilitate change in your business, rethink your current workforce skillset to leverage organisational change and assist you in introducing an innovative culture. We draw on our strong team of experts, who are among the most talented specialists in their respective fields and are committed to creating an ethos of excellence.




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