Aviation - a growing focus in Malta


This brochure, deals with a new Maltese aircraft registration act that was issued in 2010, outlining the legislative measures that make Malta an attractive jurisdiction for a cluster of aviation services.

Over recent years, Malta has witnessed growth in the aviation industry, attracting internationally renowned entities to set up operations in Malta. As part of its economic development strategy, Malta is supporting diverse sectors in the aviation industry, including, but not limited to, maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) operations, back-office setups, R&D and the production of aircraft components.

Recently aviation in Malta has been under focus as part of the Government's strategy to promote Malta to become a "one-off destination" in the aviation industry. Initiatives  include a revision to the legislative framework, which introduces a number of novel concepts that aim to enhance not only aircraft registration, but also the other sectors of the industry. This framework opens up new opportunities for PwC to support clients that engage in the Maltese aviation industry.

The aviation team of PwC Malta has incorporated all these novel legislative measures in its brochure and is pleased to provide you with the latest information on the promising Maltese future in aviation.


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