Second Call for Proposals for innovative renewable energy under the NER300 Initiative - Revised national criteria issued on 10 May 2013

A call was issued for funding of Innovative Renewable Energy projects under the NER 300 ( For Malta, the projects that will be given preference are: Wind and Ocean/Wave.

Only three projects per Member State are allowed and thus small Member States such as Malta offer interested foreign companies an attractive route to benefit from such funding. Furthermore, as per the NER300’s implementation of Article 10a (8) of the revised Emissions Trading Directive’s requirement for “geographic balance”, every Member State should 'get at least one' NER300 project. To facilitate this, the selection rules may be adjusted by allowing a Member State to propose a project below stipulated capacity thresholds. Malta did not benefit from a NER300 project in the first round of calls for proposals.

For renewable energy projects to be eligible they need to be innovative, i.e. that existing technologies are ineligible.

Projects need to meet the following criteria:
  • Use of technologies is innovative in relation to the state of the art in the key sub-streams for each technology,
  • Technologies should not yet be commercially available, but should be sufficiently mature to be ready for demonstration at pre-commercial scale,
  • Technologies should have reasonable prospects of successful demonstration, taking into account the fact that some technological risks are inevitable,
  • The proposed scale of demonstration should be such that no significant additional problems are to be expected from further scaling up
  • Projects should also have a high replicability potential, and therefore offer significant prospects for cost-effective CO2 reduction both in the EU and globally.