Healthcare delivery in Malta


The publication provides an outline of Malta`s key healthcare activity indicators. It focuses on healthcare facilities, setting out recent trends in the number of hospital beds, operating theatres, human resources and their utilisation.

The healthcare sector is extremely broad and diverse. It is highly regulated, and socially very sensitive, and delivery of healthcare services through hospitals has been given priority in Malta - the substantial investment in this sector is testament to this. However, like most other countries, Malta is facing a number of challenges in this sector.  These are largely driven by the demographic and epidemiological transitions associated with an ageing population, advances in medical technologies and pharmaceuticals, rising public expectations and persistent health inequalities.

As with most other European countries, the challenge in Malta is to reconcile health needs, and public and professional expectations, with available financial and physical resources. The publication looks into the financial aspect of healthcare delivery, outlining inter alia the trends in total health expenditure and the main financing sources, and compares these with other European countries.


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