Financial sustainability in the healthcare industry


In today’s dynamic and versatile economies, business organisations are coming under constant pressure to deliver better services with limited resources. Within the healthcare industry,  organisations like yours are confronted with continuous advances in science and technology, an ever-ageing population and more demanding consumers which are causing more strain in the system than ever before.  

As business advisors we recognise the key importance of the healthcare industry for sustainable economic development.  The development of a sustainable program that delivers short-term targets while embedding a framework for delivering long-term efficiency requires focus and external support. Our involvement in the healthcare sector is part of our commitment to help business organisations within both the private and public sector address challenges and improve their performance. Our thoughts relating to the financial sustainability of healthcare organisations are summarised in the attached document.

Within our advisory practice, we have a healthcare industry group which focuses on the specific needs of the industry in the public and private sectors. This group is supported by a multi-disciplinary team of consultants and forms part of the PwC global health-care centre of excellence, which gives us access to international healthcare best practices and highly specialised resources.


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