Competition Compliance in Malta - how companies can achieve compliance with the competition rules


As markets become increasingly competitive, scrutiny from competition regulators is also on the increase.  Ensuring adequate measures are in place to achieve compliance with the competition rules helps to avoid the consequences of infringement and protects a firm’s long term competitive strategy.

Significant fines imposed by competition regulators, civil actions for damages and the reputational damage resulting from enforcement action are just some of the consequences of breaching the competition rules.  A number of recent developments in Maltese competition law and policy have heightened the risks associated with non-compliance.

The implementation of a competition compliance framework and instilling a compliance culture at all levels of the business is essential.  It enables businesses to compete confidently within the competition rules, avoiding the consequences of infringement and maintaining a strong reputation.  It will also provide a better understanding of how competitors and trading partners should be behaving.

Our publication ‘Competition compliance in Malta’ provides an overview of the competition rules, discusses the consequences of infringement and the recent developments in Malta, and considers what actions companies should take to implement an effective competition compliance framework.


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