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Young Entrepreneurs Business Forum is a network exclusive for young entrepreneurs. It brings together young leaders, and allows them to form part of a network made up of people they can relate to and learn from.


The business landscape is constantly changing, and leaders need to ensure that they are adapting and changing where, how and with whom they do business. Anticipating trends and seizing opportunities is key to growing and staying competitive. From one-to-one-conversations, to personal and leadership development and insights, YEBF gives the opportunity to meet up with young entrepreneurs, learn and participate.

Over the course of the coming months, we will be holding additional events tailored for you and your interests. To form part of this business forum and receive invitations to our future events, subscribe here.



What people had to say about our past events

"I see scope in participating in the initiative - It is an excellent platform to learn from, to network and to get a feel of young Maltese business"

"A fantastic initiative and very well organised event"

"It is good to listen to others who are experiencing similar challenges and to learn how they are tackling them"

"Very good initiative …… I believe PwC is one of a few entities that can bring all these different people together under one roof."

"Thanks for the invite to the event, found it very interesting and look forward to attending any future ones"

"I think it was a very interesting and inspiring event."

Past events


Winning in the Digital Age

8 February 2018

Winning in the Digital Age event highlighted the importance of embedding digital across businesses and gave the opportunity to the YEBF members to see how their businesses can leverage on disruptive technologies in order to win in the digital age. Nowadays customers are better connected, new technology is constantly disrupting the market place and data is connecting everything. New entrants in the market have disrupted the traditional businesses. Therefore, businesses need to become more innovative and agile to be able to adapt to customer demands and market changes. This will enable them to increase customer engagement, empower employees and become more profitable. Ultimately, you don’t need a digital strategy, you need a business strategy for the digital age.

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Financing Growth

5 April 2017

Financing growth is a recurring challenge for all businesses - even if your business is established, funding can still be tough or quite expensive to secure. Locally, bank finance has historically represented the most common source of financing for businesses. Recent market surveys have however shown an increasing appetite for alternative forms of financing and a trend for businesses to look beyond the traditional financing models.

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Growing and Staying Competitive

19 October 2016

'Growing and Staying Competitive' was the first of a series of events aimed at today’s young business leaders.

We brought together young business entrepreneurs to share their experiences and success stories. ‘Growing and Staying Competitive’ was the first of a series of events aimed at today’s young entrepreneurs. The event included a panel discussion with respect to finding the right talent and retaining people as well as a success story from one of Malta's young entrepreneurs.

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