The PwC €1 million Start up Fund

Promoting entrepreneurship and innovation

When it comes to starting off a business, few are those people who actually take the plunge. Many people become overwhelmed with a number of thoughts such as: Is it a good idea? Will it kick off? Where do I get started? How do I fund my business idea? By the time they get these questions answered many would have probably given up and the “idea” gets lost forever or is eventually implemented by other people.
For these reasons, PwC Malta is dedicating €1 million per annum in pro bono services to assist entrepreneurs in nurturing their business during the critical stage of starting up and growing a new business.

PwC can help you find the answers to the following questions:

Business start-ups

  • Is our business idea feasible from a financial perspective? How much capital do we need to fund it?
  • What legal form should our business take?
  • What skills do we need to hire and when?
  • Should we lease or purchase the assets required in our business?
  • How do we approach our bank to raise debt funding?
  • How do we apply for any grants or any other assistance that may be available to us?


Young growing companies

  • How can our business become more profitable?
  • How fast can we grow our business?
  • Why are we always cash poor? How can this problem be managed?
  • How should we structure a merger, acquisition or strategic alliance?
  • Can we afford to move into a new market?
  • How can our business become more tax efficient?


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