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The Transportation & Logistics (T&L) industry sector comprises a wide range of service providers, covering all modes of transport - air, road, sea - as well as transport infrastructure such as airports, ports and marinas, related services such as warehousing, handling, stevedoring, post and delivery services. In addition to these "physical" services, T&L includes all kinds of planning, organisational and management services.

Over the past years, we have seen a trend to consolidation, resulting in larger, integrated groups operating in more than one of the T&L sub-sectors. As a result, the limits between the T&L sub-sectors become more and more indistinct.

Globalisation and outsourcing of logistics services created double digit revenue growth in the industry in the early part of the 21st century; however, the economic downturn which made itself felt across the world in 2008 will result in a dramatic drop in the sector’s growth in 2009.

The industry was suddenly faced with some of the most difficult market conditions in history. Liberalisation and privatisation are one starting point that is driving change in this complex, rapidly changing sector. In addition, trade routes are shifting and networks have become increasingly complex - as have the operating agreements between companies sharing resources. Regulatory requirements have changed substantially in recent years.

In an interconnected world where companies are operating across national boundaries and together with many local partners, accounting and governance issues are becoming more complex, as is customs and tax compliance. Companies looking to build a durable business need to continuously offer added value. As business models change in the industry, many companies are evolving from forwarding and warehouse managing companies to highly industrialised, IT driven supply chain providers.

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