Education is key to economic competitiveness and social cohesion. It helps individuals and communities to reach their full potential.

Governments across the world are committed to raising educational attainment and skills and promoting access to lifelong learning.

In Malta, education is given its due importance by Government and the public at large.  in its document entitled “Further and Higher Educational Strategy 2020”, the National Commission for Higher Education sets out the following main objectives:

  • Attract more young students and adults into further and higher education
  • Ensure fair and open access to all students willing to further their studies
  • Make Malta a centre of excellence  in education and research
  • Sustain public responsibility to secure an inclusive, qualitative and responsive education system

Governments face common challenges in seeking to achieve their education and skills objectives.

How can new investment in learning be managed most effectively and equitably? What strategies can be employed to secure resources from the private and not-for-profit sectors? What should 21st century learning organisations look like? What sort of teaching and learning should take place in them? How can out-dated management arrangements be updated or transformed?

In response to the increasing research and regulatory needs of our clients in the educational sector, our firm set up its Education Advisory Services (EAS) on a global basis since 1991.  The main part of EAS is focused on the professional service needs of colleges, research universities, medical schools and research hospitals. EAS has assembled a group of consultants who offer a range of experience in the areas of financial planning, organizational and change management, project management facilitation, cost accounting, internal control and compliance in Higher Education, non-profit and government environment.

How can PwC help

PwC is committed to helping governments, other public agencies and independent schools address these and many other complex questions. We can do so successfully because our work in the education sector is grounded in experience at all levels of public and private services both in the global firm and in Malta.

It covers:

  • Advising international bodies such as the World Bank and the European Commission;
  • Providing consultancy support to educational institutions and organisations on new education policies and programmes.
  • Providing research and consultancy support to educational institutions and organisations to identify skills gaps, resource new programmes and develop programmes in line with industry needs.
  • Working with public and private entities on organisational restructuring and assisting in project managing the change;
  • Supporting the frontline deliverers of learning services - universities, colleges, schools and language schools - through our assurance, advisory and tax service lines;
  • Assisting educational organisations to improve cost-effectiveness and cost justification through modern methods of budgeting and cost management
  • Assisting educational organisations to become more digital through our technology services.
  • Providing support to educational entities in relation to financial reporting and compliance with IFRSs as adopted by EU and GAPSE.

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