Asset Management

The Maltese asset management industry traces its roots in the various laws introduced in 1994 which were aimed at creating the basis for the development of a sound financial services sector.

The last 15 years have seen material growth in this sector both in terms of the number of funds as well as the number of fund managers setting up operations in Malta.  This growth has been spurred among others by the existence of an accessible regulator, a sophisticated regulatory and tax regime and competent and quality-conscious professional service providers.  Malta’s role in this sector has been further enhanced through Malta’s entry into the European Union and the single passporting possibilities associated with EU membership.

The growth of the sector and the presence of an ever-increasing critical mass of operators has facilitated the creation and development of a level of expertise in this sector which compares well with that of our main competitors, at an extremely cost-efficient price.

How can PwC help

PwC's Global Asset and Wealth Management (AWM) practice serves every major segment of the Investment management industry from institutional, retail, insurance company and bank-advised funds, to domestic and offshore hedge funds, private equity and other alternative asset vehicles. To this end, PwC has created an international AWM industry network to share business ideas and cross border industry developments. This network is one of PwC’s most distinguishing features – we have over 13,000 asset management professionals across 157 countries.

PwC in Malta has access to the global firm’s resources, methodologies, knowledge and expertise and the Maltese firm has material experience in providing assurance and advisory services to the AWM industry. We serve every major segment of the industry, including open and closed-ended funds, institutional and retail funds, as well as many service providers. Other services which our local team can offer are risk assurance services, controls assurance and investment performance measurement services. We also offer regulatory compliance services such as assistance in the understanding and application of new rules, regulatory gap-analysis, review of client suitability/acceptance process, ongoing advice and other regulatory assistance.

In recognition of the importance of providing a specialised, multi-disciplinary service offering in this sector and of the continued and sustained growth of the AWM sector in Malta, the Malta firm is dedicating specialised resources and professionals to serve this industry. Currently, the Asset and Wealth Management group includes a number of partners, managers and other experienced professionals drawn from our Assurance, Tax and Legal and Advisory practices, who specialise in this particular sector and provide a homogeneous service to our clients. The scale of this resource pool cannot be matched by any of our competitors in Malta.

PwC in Malta offer the full range of services to this sector

  • Audit & Assurance services
  • Advisory services
  • Regulatory services
  • Tax & Legal services

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