Healthcare organisations all over the world, and also in Malta, are facing a growing imbalance of supply and demand. They must manage increasing costs while balancing the need to improve access to safe, quality care and services. These cost increases stem from fragmentation of resources, an aging demographic and a shortage of skilled labour. The healthcare system and government must find innovative solutions to provide timely access to quality care, including identifying ways for partnering with the private sector.

Contrasting with this challenging environment, the local pharmaceutical industry is enjoying a period a unprecedented growth, particularly in area of generics manufacture where Malta benefits from favourable patent legislation. Malta’s attractive tax regime is another key driver for the recent flow of foreign direct investment in this sector.

How can PwC help

Healthcare organisations and pharmaceutical companies can benefit from PwC's unique insight and strategies to help address current issues and benefit from emerging opportunities. Our comprehensive range of experience combined with PwC's global network of healthcare professionals allows us to add value in the following key areas:

e-Health and quality systems: Utilising technology to better integrate, standardise and transfer knowledge of administrative, clinical and manufacturing information.

Strategic resource deployment: Finding more effective ways to allocate resources to control costs and provide sufficient access to quality care.

Infrastructure and service delivery: Balancing public and private interests in health care infrastructure investments as well as health care delivery.

Shared services: Integrating human resources/payroll, supply chain and information management and IT across health organisations and regions to improve efficiencies.

Assistance with start-ups: Including executive search and selection, accounting, payroll management, regulatory support, commercialisation, business planning and finance raising.

Tax structuring: Advising on and implementing holding structures to maximise tax efficiency for foreign direct investment

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