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Due to circumstances beyond our control, we had to regrettably postpone this event to sometime in February 2020. More details to follow at a later date.

Let’s #Hack4Change

Have you ever been involved in a Hackathon? This challenging, fast-paced, problem solving event, to be held over a weekend, aims to come up innovative solutions to address current thematic issues affecting society and the business community at large.

Whether you’re a developer, designer, ideator, budding student, seasoned hackathon veteran or something else entirely, we invite you to join us at PwC Malta's First Hackathon - #Hack4Change, and get in the chance of winning a cash prize.

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Networking drinks
Networking drinks

The Concept

Get a team of 2+ individuals together at The Hub and come up with innovative solutions to challenges you think are key to solving in one of our four areas. The ultimate aim is to produce a minimum viable product to solve a budding problem. All throughout the event, a number of PwC’s subject-matter experts will give you innovative methods and insights on how you can face your challenges using a number of different techniques and technologies.

FinTech and BizTech deal with innovation and integration of finance, business and technology to deliver ultimately more value to both employees and customers of businesses. Tackle a burning business problem that you are familiar with within this category, be it digitalising and automating the insurance claim process or coming up with an idea to assist companies target customers better.

While it may not be evident in our daily lives, many within our societies suffer from mental wellbeing and physical inactivity. From mental health stigma to unnoticed physical problems, many people suffer without reaching out for help in an efficient and effective way in today's busy world. Take on this category and find solutions for our general health and wellbeing.

In today’s modern world, our planet faces worsening environmental issues such as climate change and pollution. It is the role of the future generation to assist with the development of new technology to change the current destructive practices and safeguard earth in a sustainable way. Opt for this category and tackle a problem the environment is facing such as alleviating traffic, reducing energy wastage and recycling that will help us ensure environmental conservation and sustainability.

Today’s world is rapidly changing due to different factors such as the advancement in technologies and the change in economic power. For example, disruptive technologies such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) are impacting and redimensioning an organisation’s workforce. There is a need to rethink the way we educate and employ to keep abreast of change that such technologies bring about. The task for this area is to tackle one of the problems these people face, be it educational opportunities, job opportunities, etc.

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