What You Can Bring to PwC?

Know your own strengths

Realistic self-assessment will be crucial to your success in PwC. You must decide whether you will thrive in an environment that is very demanding, even by the standards of the best modern businesses. Confidence, intelligence, maturity and a flair for developing positive professional relationships are vital qualities for success.

Academic record

Ultimately we are looking for people with top-quality minds, people who are capable of identfying and analysing problems and generating innovative yet viable solutions. Our clients expect sound, professional advice, expressed clearly and concisely. The exams and business training courses require thorough preparation of large volumes of material. You must be able to apply knowledge logically, accurately and coolly, often under considerable pressure.

This is why we look for people with a good University honours degree and/or "A" Level results and a strong academic record.

Personal skills

The great variety of business situations you encounter will test your attitudes, sensitivity and flexibility. You should feel comfortable with a variety of people and relish the challenge of leadership; you may find yourself leading a team at an early stage perhaps before you think you are ready for it. Your capacity to build positive working relationships with your clients at all levels, as well as your colleagues, will be central to your progress within the firm.

Language skills

Knowledge of other languages can be important for some placements, especially for those who aspire for an overseas secondment. However, linguistic skills must always be balanced by the technical and business skills to make you professionally credible.

Motivation and achievements

Professional life is not easy. Combining long hours and tight deadlines, perhaps with further study, is challenging and demands real commitment. You should already be developing the capacity to set priorities and manage your time. Your academic achievements, together with initiative in other activities, vacation work and travel, could all be indicators of your energy and capacity to plan and organise yourself. No two PwC people are the same; but we are looking for individuals whose unique blend of achievements and experience have already given them the inner confidence to cope when the going gets tough.

Your future

At this stage you may find it hard to commit yourself to a specific long term career path - very few people can. However, you must have a general sense of purpose, ambition and the commitment to develop business vision in a demanding commercial environment. We expect great things of you, and meeting our standards will give you exceptional job satisfaction and real scope to set and achieve your own goals.